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Laguna Azul Tour





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The famous laguna azul is located at 50 km from Tarapoto city. To get there we will cross Huallaga river by means a raft and afterward we’ll arrive to a viewpoint, la Punta del Gallinazo where we can delight the beauty of this natural touristic place, unique in the amazon. After that we will get to Sauce the town where is located La Laguna Azul. There, the color of the water oscillates between greens and blues and its temperature is 25° C – 28°C which is perfect to take a bath and complete the tour with a revitalizing swim.
Keep in mind that if you want we can pick you up in your hotel for free
If you want to watch a video about the excursion click here.

Cost/person: S/. 85.00

Departure: 8:30 am
Retorn:5:00 pm

The packages includes:

  • Roadtrip transportation
  • Lunch a la carte
  • Boat ride
  • Horse ride
  • Free entrant to touristic places
  • Oficial tourism guide
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