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Pucayaquillo Waterfall Tour


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The Pucayaquillo waterfall is located in Shapaja District, at 22 kilometers from Tarapoto city. The trip goes through Fernando belaunde terry’s road going from the left in the Colombia bridge. There we will observe the joining of mayo an Huallaga river and will enjoy in awe the majestic beauty of amazon’s flora and fauna. We’ll see tornillo, cedro, ishipingo and capirona, all of them fantastic examples of the Peruvian rainforest’s diversity. We also see izulas, termites, and workers ants which are one of the very animals we may find in the path to the waterfall. The aforementioned waterfall is 20 meters height and has a puddle one meter deep to take a bath

Cost/person: S./90

Departure: 9:00 am
Return:3:00 pm

The packages includes

  • Traslado ida y vuelta
  • 45 minutes walking.
  • lunch
  • Tourism guide